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Online Play Tips

1. Establish Play Connections

Connect with others more often to bring more traffic to you!

2. Make Time For Your Play Connections

Create flexible times for people to connect with you!

3. Share Your Profiles With Others

Be sure to share your Profiles online to many other different social networks to grow your fan base.

4. Stay Active

Try to stay online as much as possible to increase virtual attention from others.

5. Keep Sensitive Content To A Minimum

Do not share, or upload content that you feel may be too sensitive to yourself, neither share or upload information that you feel can cause future harm to yourself or others.

6. Watch Out For Suspicious Activities

If you see anything that may be unlawful that violates our Privacy Policy, do not hesitate to contact customer service right away, and report these issues. 

7. Be In Control Of Your Content

Be smart, and in control of what you want shared online. Be aware of simple mistakes sharing information that may lead others directly to you.

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