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Artist Music Submission

Welcome to Erotic Night's In Play Music Lab, where you get your music heard. Get instant access to request songs that maybe entered into our online music playlist. For freelance artists, who are approved upon such submission, may be exclusively featured within Erotic Night's In featured mixes for events, upcoming projects, and others.

Before You Get Started:

     As submitting requested media files, or simply being a music artist, whether upcoming, or already mainstreamed, you must do the the following before submitting your music below.

- All members must be at least 18 and older to submit music material;

- You must own full copyrights to your music, and that you are the lawful and originator of the music material being submitted;

- You cannot use strong abusive languages that involves: Child abuse, Child Pornographic meanings, Rape, or any other restricted action that violates our Privacy Policy; Terms Of Use; Legal Terms And Copyrights; Play Guidelines; and others.

- Be sure to check your spelling, and that it does not lead to copyright infringements, and fraudulent acts;

- Certain diss ('e.g. dismissal, threats, etc') songs, that includes, person and/or entity names, may not be accepted at any given time, especially songs that are specifically aimed or directed toward members within our Play Community, and others. It will not be considered acceptable in any nature;

For music submissions is free. Be aware that it is no guarantee that every artist music submitted or music requested will be approved. Music that is submitted by the Artist, must understand that his/her music may not be available but for a short period within our playlist, and that such playlists changes from time to time.


ForAll music being requested and submitted must undergo a review before uploading to our music genre database. We want to help bring our Play Community together and not create enemies of any kind. Help us to keep our Play Community safe by following our policies set in place. Music that are approved, are usually placed within our playlist within 24 hours or longer depending on our review. Do not be discouraged if process takes longer than our normal time window. Some music may be applied during our cycling period. Please contact our customer service center for any issues that you may be experiencing! Thank you!

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