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Play Guidelines

Play Guidelines for our Play Community to help ensure public safety, and public awareness. Erotic Night's In, works around the clock for new improvements within it's security system, and working with Service Providers ('e.g. ID Verify, Backcheck Background check, ISEE, etc') to enhance our user's experience online and offline. We're committed in building a safe sexual community for erotic engagements and encounters. You can learn how to stay safe by using our Play Guidelines for safety precautions, so that you can express, and feel sexually free without worrying. Explore group topics, and share content with others with the same interests as you. Keeping you safe and protected from fraud, and any other unlawful act, is our top priority. You can help strengthen your account's security by applying non-sensitive information on your online account. Do not include sensitive information that may be hacked by others. Be sure to also strengthen your passwords. Do not share, nor leak information to other user's that you do not know, to help avoid harm in any nature. Stay on top of your activities, as our team continues to monitor the website for suspicious activities. 

With our security systems, you can explore the website privately, by turning your public profile into a private profile, in which your profile will only be seen by you, and no other. Even the people who follow you, will not see your public profile, because your profile is secretly hidden. With your account being set to private, you can access other users public profile online, but will not have the chance to message the online user, until you switch your private profile back to a public profile. 

You can explore other online user's content, that exclusively features: Videos, Images, Groups (Using our Service Providers technology), and chatting, that best suit your interests. Get more involved with Erotic Night's In, by becoming a 'Play Star', in which creates more spotlight upon you. It is best to stay positive with your content shared for positive outcomes, positive feedbacks, positive comments, and positive likes. We give you more control for your community. 

We are expanding our social network, all around the globe so that people can get an experience unlike any other. Why not join sexy, hot, and steamy adult fun, by participating in services, that includes, offline activities. We thought it best, to bring out the fun in you.

We want Erotic Night's In to continue providing beautiful, erotic, and sexy fun to it's members, while you being safe from injuries and harm that may occur at any time by others, whether inadvertently, or with itntent. You can help us keep growing by sharing your experience with others. For security reasons, we strongly advise each user to post, upload, share, or promote content ('e.g. Images, Videos, etc') of himself/herself to help avoid fraudulent acts, that includes, false information, and others. Do not post, upload, share, or promote other users content without his/her acknowledgement, or consent to avoid problems, in which may be automatically subjected to your account being deleted, cancelled, terminated, or revoked without warning, or notification, that includes deletion of your content. Erotic Night's In and it's services and Play Community asks that you be respectful at all times, as you would like the same from others. Respect the law, in your respected areas, and be courteous of others privacy rights. Remember to never repost content not of your own. 

These Play Guidelines was created so that Erotic Night's In's services, goals, and vision for it's members to grow, and so that you could help to protect the Play Community. Erotic Night's In strongly commits to it's Play Guidelines, Terms And Conditions, Legal Terms And Copyrights, and Privacy Policy, and hope that every member here at Erotic Night's In does too. It is good to follow these aforementioned policies to avoid deleted accounts, account loss rights, civil penalties, and possible lawsuits.

We allow explicit content, that involves adult materials that is suitable for adults at the legal age required by law within your areas. Explicit content may include extreme nudity for adult audiences. Members can also share private forums for file sharing, and others. We ask that every online user of Erotic Night's In, do not share sensitive content that violates our Privacy Policy, Terms And Conditions, Legal Terms And Copyrights, And Terms Of Use policies, that includes, Child Pornography, or Graphic Content that contains violence in any nature, or harm in any way.

It is important to upload, share, or promote content, that includes, Images, Videos, Files ('e.g. .doc, .pdf, etc'), that you have personally taken and that you have exclusive rights to such content uploaded, shared, or promoted by you. If unauthorized, and reports are filed against you by other online users, will result in an immediate cancellation, deletion, revocation, or termination of your account without warning, or notification. Mkae sure that you own the rights to the content shared. Consider the privacy rights of others. If content was to be shared by other users, we have enabled a downloading feature, created by Erotic Night's In Service Providers for you to personally download for your interests, but however, such downloadable content shared by other users, must be visible and ready for download, by having a 'Download' tab to it. If content is screenshotted in anyway by an unauthorized user, and that the user is reported for such action without the other user's permission or consent, that reported user's account will be banned, cancelled, terminated, or revoked immediately upon our investigation determinations review.

It is good to know, that we have an investigation team, that works hard to ensure the safety of this Play Community. You can also block other members that you believe have suspicious accounts, or users that you feel are violating our Terms And Conditions, Privacy Policy, Legal Terms And Copyrights, or Terms Of Use at any time. Be sure to report all suspicious activities when noticed right away.

Create and establish genuine Play Connections here with us. Interact with other members with trusted verified accounts, bearing a 'Verified Account' badge, that shows a blue check mark next to their profile usernames. You can find the 'Verified Account' badge, which is visible for other members to see, when you access his/her online account, in the 'Members' area.

You can apply for a 'Verified Account' badge by Clicking Here.

With addition to restrictions, Erotic Night's In may shut down or cancel, or revoke, or suspend, or terminate your online or offline account, if you are in violation of any rule, or guideline, or policy, or law provided by Erotic Night's In, at any given time, without reason. Your account shall not include:

- Chile pornography

- Children under the legal age of 18

- Sex trafficking

- Drug trafficking

- Threats or materials that display harm, or injury toward others

- Circumvention acts

- Gang colors and their names, symbols, affiliation, and items or uses

- Prostitution agencies

- False names, impersonation accounts, such as Catfish, fraud, and identity theft acts

- Corrupt government agencies alike

These restrictions are immediately in effect and strictly enforced by law, regardless of color of any law or jurisdiction, in order to help protect and secure the rights of Erotic Night's In members, guests, volunteers, staff, and others. All actions are monitored and reported, for security purposes.  No unlawful act goes unpunished. 

Civil Penalties For Unlawful Acts

Each member, or visitor, or guest, or volunteer, or staff, who attempts or intend, whether inadvertently, to steal, or threaten, or harm, or injure, or damage, or sabotage, or conspire, or scam, or infiltrate against Erotic Night's In and against the rights, and lives of others, not excluding it's guests, members, staff, visitors, volunteers, vendors, etc, may be automatically subject to fines, not less than $500.00 per offense or trespass committed: or spend not less than 3 months or more in jail or prison: or both. For the purpose of understanding, an offense and trespass, is hereby defined as any right violated by others, or any right deprived by others, or any right that is threatened by others alike. These acts are strictly prohibited at all times, and will not be accepted in any nature. All rights are reserved.

Still Need Help?

Contact us directly for any other questions that you may possibly have. Visit our Legal Terms And Copyrights or Privacy Policy for more information!


Customer Service: (857) 386 - 6860

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