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  • How can I upload a profile picture?
    You can upload a profile picture by: Access your member's menu; Click or tap 'Profile'; Click or tap the camera icon located underneath your background image, them upload your image for your main profile picture;
  • Can I upload a video as my background or as my main profile picture?
    No. Video or .mp4 formats cannot be uploaded as background or main profile image.
  • Can I share my profile with other social platforms?
    Yes. This can easily be done by copying and pasting your URL address other social media platforms.
  • How can I set my profile to 'Private'?
    You can make your profile hidden or private in 4 easy steps: 1st Step: Tap the menu icon in the far right upper hand corner and select 'My Account' option. 2nd Step: Scroll down to 'Account Settings'. 3rd Step: Tap the 'Profile Visibility' group. Then tap the 'Make Progile Private; option. 4th Step: Tap the 'Confirm' option. Please be sure to follow all prompt messages as displayed. Note that once your profiles are private, you will not be able to interact with other online members. You can set this option anytime.
  • Can I create a custom URL?
    Yes. This new feature allows our members to create their own custom community page URL address. You can do this by accessing your member's menu then click or tap 'Profile'. On your profile, click or tap 'Edit Profile' to access your account options. Scroll down to 'Account Settings'. Goi to 'My Community Page URL'. Create your new community page URL address for your community. Please keep in mind that your profile must be set to 'Public' in order for members to see your custom community page URL address.
  • How can I delete my account?
    To delete your account, you may simply submit a request for deletion. If requested, you may permanently lose your account information along with your content. A review may be conducted to help us determine if your account is eligible for deletion. You can request to delete your account here. Delete My Account (
  • How can I set my profile to 'Public'?
    You can set your profile to public in 3 easy steps. 1st Step: In the top right hand corner, tap the menu icon. Select the 'Profile' option. 2nd Step: Tap the 'Make Profile Public' button. 3rd Step: Tap 'Se To Public' button.
  • Can anyone see my personal information?
    No. Your personal information cannot be shown to other members. The lock icon means that the information is locked and cannot be unlocked.
  • How can I upload a background image to my account?
    You can simply add a background phto to your account by: Access your member's menu; Click or tap 'Profile'; Click or tap the camera background camera icon to upload your background image;
  • Can I change my login email?
    No. Unfortunately this is not possible. Once you sign up using a email, that email address must be used to log in and signing off with.
  • How can I edit my profile?
    You can edit your account and it's information by accessing your profile. Scroll down to 'Edit Profile'. Click or tap the 'Edit Profile' button.
  • Can I bring friends to your events?
    Yes. But however, friends must be given special passes in order to attend the events. These special passes may be purchased online when available.
  • How can I make a reservation??
    To make a reservation, you will need to tap or click the 'RSVP' button before continuing in making your reservation. A reservation may only be made during upcoming moments.
  • I have not received my ticket, what can I do?
    If you purchased an event ticket and have not received it via email or via mail, please do not hesitate to email us at: for more assistance. We advise you to reach out at least two to three days before the event happens, in order to help with the matter.
  • What can i do if the website is slowing down or showing nothing on the screen?
    If you are experiencing this issue, it may be these following reasons: That your internet connection may be slowed down; or Too many devices linked to the internet connection, or You may have too may web pages open, or There may be interference with our servers. Please do not panic if this happens to you. Try waiting or try again later to see what happens.
  • What can I do if the website is freezing?
    If the website is freezing or stalling for whatever reason, try restarting your internet browser and internet connection. If this problem persists, pleasse report this issue within our 'Contact' tab for more help.
  • What can I do if my images are too large within my 'About Me' section?
    Any media that is uploaded to the 'About Me' section, can be easily resized by clicking on the dot margins around the image, that was successfully uploaded. Hold the dot margins and begin to lower the size to where you want it to be. Make sure to click the image that you want resized until options become visible or highlighted to edit.
  • My post is missing, what can I do?
    If you find a post that you've created becomes missing during or after you save a post, it may be the following reasons.: Your post may be in violation of our terms, policies, etc; Your web browser has failed to load corre;tly. Your web browser has lost internet connection; You may fix 2 and 3 by restarting your computer or mobile devices. Restart your internet connection or modem.
  • What can I do if I cannot see the 'Add' button to upload my media?
    When you click inside the text box area of the 'About Me' section, some media upload options may appear as a plus sign symbol at the top or bottom of the text box area. If you do not see the plus sign icon, then scroll down, while the text box is highlighted for text or media share entry, then scroll down to the bottom of the screen until media share options appear. If this option does not work, try the following options: Restarting your internet browser or internet connection; Log off and back into your account; Try using your internet browser's zooming options, as some pages may freeze due to these issues; If the problem persists, please report these issues with us within our 'Contact' tab for technical support.
  • How can I edit, change, or modify my account's information?
    Click on the 'Profile' option in the members menu, then scroll down to 'About Me'. Click or tap inside the text box area until you see the mouse cursor highlighting it's position for new text entry. Begin to edit your 'About Me' section with text, video, and images that you want to upload or update. If the problem continues, please report these issues right away within our 'Contact' tab for more help.
  • What are badges?
    To simply put it, badges are awarded icons given to members for ranking. Badges help to give our members access to specific pages and services.
  • What is a 'Writer's Badge'?
    A 'Writer's Badge' is simply a badge to allow eligible members to create, post, and share blogs. This 'Writer's Badge' is automatically applied to approved Play Stars. No free member may access this type of badge.
  • Are badges earned?
    Yes. Some badges can be earned depending on the type of services being offered, or subscription purchased, or simply logged on activity.
  • How can I apply for a verification account badge?
    Quick tip in getting your account set up and verified. When signing up as a member, if prompted with a 'Get Verified' notice, feel free to click the 'Click Here' icon to be rerouted to ID Verify. Here you can get a 'VERIFICATION ACCOUNT' badge for freee. Step One: Click the link that says 'Click Here' or 'Verify Me Now'. 2. Step Two: Read the instructions very carefully, then when finished, fill out the form 'ID Verify Form'. Be as truthful as possible for approval. 3. Step Three: Wait between 24 to 72 hours, or longer for approval. Keep in mind, we may not approve all submissions for verification.
  • I want the best video and audio quality online.
    For better quality for your audio and video streaming needs, we have the best software that Wix has to offer, that includes its native Advanced Streaming Format (ASF), WAV, AVI, Quicktime and RealOne formats. A good all-around choice.
  • How long does it tae to be approved for a verified account badge??
    It varies depending on the information being submitted. Some member accounts are approved a lot quicker than others based on their criminal history and what we discover on his/her background. However, our 'Backcheck Background Check' services usually allow a qualified member to receive their verified account badge within14 to 30 business days from the date submitted.
  • How can I verify my account?
    Yiu can easily verify your account by accessing the 'Members Home' tab, scroll down to the bottom til you see the button entitled: 'Verify My Account'. Read the instructions carefully before submitting your information online. You can also 'Click Here' to access our ID Verify tab.
  • Can I purchase a verified account badge?
    No. All verified accounts are not available for purchase.
  • Can anyone be approved for verified account badge?
    Yes. However, Ii depends on the member applying for a verified account badge criminal background and criminal history. Not all members applying for a verified account badge can be eligible if they fall within our restricted guidelines and policies for a verified account badge.
  • I have recently placed an online order within the Play Store, but no orders are showing up on my account, what can I do?
    If you purchased from our Play Store, usually your orders will automatically appear within your 'My Orders' area. You can view your orders by accessing your member's menu, then clicking or tapping the 'My Orders' icon. If your order is not appearing in your 'My Orders' area, please feel free to take a picture of the evidence showing that there was a purchase made on your account, and then email your evidence to us via email at: We weill be more than happy to investigate into the matter.
  • Why am I still being billed after cancelling a subscription?
    If you have signed up for a subscription, reoccurring payments are automatically enabled upon purchasing, and can be cancelled at any time. To stop a reoccurring payment, simply access 'My Subscriptions' to see any active subscriptions available on your account. If you do not see any active subscriptions, please contact your financial institution to cancel or stop the reoccurring payment.
  • Are subscriptions eligible for a refund?
    No. Subscriptions and other services offered within our business are not eligible for a refund. However, some refunds may be permissible depending on the nature of the item, good, or service purchased by our third parties. We are in no control over our third parties and their policies.
  • How can I review my subscriptions?
    To access your subscriptions can be found by selecting the 'Subscriptions' icon within your member's menu. Tap or click 'Subscriptions'. Any purchased, or existing, or expired subscriptions will be displayed here. You can manage your active subscriptions at any time.
  • How do I know if my subscription is cancelled?
    Access your account by clicking the 'My Subscription' option, to find out if there are any active subscriptions on your account. If a subscription was cancelled, you will be notified on your online account of such cancellation. If you cannot see such cancellation on your account, please contact us for help.
  • How do I add my bank information to make purchases?
    Once you have selected a subscription to purchase, a screen would appear that would require payment. After making your first payment, go back into 'My Wallet' section to view your payment cards used and it will be automatically added to your wallet for future purchases.
  • Can I save my credit card or debit card to my account?
    Yes. This can only be done once a purchase has been made on your account. To access your previously used cards, you can access the member's menu and then click or tap 'My Wallet'. This is where your saved cards will be stored.
  • Is my banking and billing information safe?
    Yes. Your banking information and any other financial information that is input by you, is privately secured for your eyes and use only.
  • How do I cancel my subscription?
    To simply cancel your subscription (subscription that you have chosen), can be cancelled at any time by accessing 'My Account' options or simply access 'My Subscription' option in the member site menu. Simply select the subscription that you currently have active and follow the prompt message to continue in cancelling the subscription that you want cancelled.
  • Can I report a technical issue??
    Yes. Experiencing any issues with our website, or experiencing an issue with our services, or an issue with a member, you can file your issue using our 'Contact' form.
  • Can I file and submit a complaint?
    Yes. You can easily file your complaints by accessing our 'Contact' tab, and fill in the information that concerns your complaint. Be sure to put within the subject line entitled: Complaint. The subject line helps to describe the nature of the information that you are submitting to us.
  • Can I dispute a false report if I was wrongfully reported?
    Yes. If you are the victim of a false report and have been falsely reported for any act that you did not commit, you can file your complaint within our 'Contact' tab. Be suere to include details and evidence when submitting information concerning any dispurte or determination that we have chosen.
  • I filed a complaint but heard no answer, what's going on?
    When a member files any complaint or report with us, it is automatically reviewed by our Play Team. Usually a response is sometimes given right away via email or it may take longer than expected. Please be patient with us as we try our best in answering your submissions.
  • How long til my report expires?
    Our time window for report expirations are kept for a period of 6 months and no later.
  • Is it possible to request a review about an issue?
    Yes. You can easily request your submitted requests to be investigated by submitting our form within the 'Contact' tab. Try to label the subject line 'Request For Review'. Note that some requests may be disqualified or rejected if it does not fall within our policites, rules, and others.
  • Are reports and submissions reviewed?
    Yes. All submitted information to our website and services are reviewed and investigated depending on the nature of the information that is submitted.
  • Can I report a site member?
    Yes. You can easily report a site member for any act that you believe violates our policies, rules, bylaws, procedures, restrictions, etc, which may include: a) Suspicious behavior, b) Malicious acts, c) Reposting content not authorized by the user, d) Harassment; e) Abusive behavior or using abusive language; f) Crimes, that include, violence, rape; posting graphic content that violates our Privacy Policy, Legal Terms and Copyrights, and Terms And Conditions; child pornography; g) Screenshotting sensitive content, not authorized by the users; and h) Discriminatory or derogative remarks against other users. File your reports within our 'Contact' tab. Please include the site member's username; or submit a screenshot of the issue. We expect you to be truthful when submitting your complaints. ​
  • What can i do if I am having trouble logging into my account?
    If you are experiencing any trouble logging into your account, try the following: Try checking the spelling of your email and password; Try accessing your email for any confirmations that may be needed to continue logging into your account; Try to restart your internet browser or restart your internet connection; If this does not help, please submit your issue online wirth us within our 'Contact' tab.
  • How can I stay secured at all times?
    Please verify that your Personal Firewall settings are correct: Firewalls, such as Norton Internet Security, are generally good things to have, but be sure that your firewall security is updated to it's latest software to help avoid malicious malware, spam, and others. If your firewall security is not up to date, please contact the software providers for more additional information. Keep your security secured with the best recommended proframs from trusted resourses.
  • How can I get the best experience on your website?
    Please make sure that your Pop Up Blocker settings are correct: For the best possible experience while visiting our sites, please disable your Pop Up Blockers
  • Is my data being exchanged or sold to others?
    Absolutely no. We do not sell, release, convey, advertise, or market any personal data that you own to others. Your data is privately secured within our network for privacy reasons.
  • What can I do if my account was hacked?
    If your online account was hacked or breached by others, feel free to create a new account with us online and report the issue with us within our 'Contact' tab. We will investigate the issue and help you to recover your account from the intruder. Keep in mind, once your account is revolvered, be sure to change your passwords and email passwords frequently or from time to time to lessen the chances of it happening again.
  • Is my data and it's information secured?
    Yes. Your data and any other information that you give is strictly secured at all times. With our 'IPRO' security feature, we help to aid and give our members that extra layer of protection of their data from intrusions, infiltrations, and other cyber breaches.
  • Why am I seeing 'You Do Not Have Access To This Page'?
    If you are seeing this error message when accessing a certain page, simply means that the Owner of this website has restricted the page from being accessed from all unauthorized 'users'. Usually, some restricted pages may require the 'user' to sometimes purchase a membership to access the page to obtain a badge for access. This issue cannot be fixed.
  • I found spelling errors made within your website.
    At any time, if you are able to find any spelling errors that we may have mistakenly missed, please do not hesitate to let us know by Clicking Here.
  • I received a message saying You Haven't Placed Any Orders Yet', what does this mean?
    If you are seeing this message, it simply explains that there are no orders purchased or has been made on your account.
  • My subscriptions area isn't showing my active subscriptions, what happen?
    If you are seeing the message 'You haven't purchased any subscriptions yet', simply means that either the subscription is unavailable or the subscription has not been purchased correctly. However, if you are seeing this message for the first time, then disregard this message. Your subscriptions area will display all current or expired subscriptions that you've recently purchased within this area.
  • What to do if I am receiving a error message saying, 'To View This Screen, You Need To Get Permission From The Site Owner'?
    If you are seeing this error message, do not be alarmed. This error message is usually shown to unauthorized 'users'. These pages are restricted from accessing. A button to request permission to access the restricted page may be permitted by qualified members of our Play Star and Play Member Plus programs. Some pages that display this error cannot be accessed by others for security.
  • I received a message saying 'No Plans Available', what does this mean?
    Usually when this message shows up after clicking or tapping the 'View Plans' button, simply means that our plans are unavailable for purchase at this time.
  • My language is not found on your website.
    If you find that your primary language is not found within our website, you can simply file a submission online requesting your preferred language. Keep in mind that some languages may not be available.
  • How can I change the website's language?
    For desktop, go to the top left hand corner of the website and tap the text box that display: EN. Tap this option to see the language options that we have available. For mobile, you can easily change the language settings by accessing your phone's settings under language.
  • How can I recover a lost account?
    It is recommended that you create a new account and report your issue within our 'Contact' tab. We will help to locate your lost account and provide your account information to you using the email address on file with us.
  • Can I recover my email if forgotten?
    Yes. You can recover your email simply by creating a new account online with us using our form within the 'Contact' tab. We may require your previous email information, if available, or we may require your username. If there may be additional information needed, we will contact you via email for more information.
  • Can I recover my username?
    Yes. You can recover your username if you have forgotten it by creating a new account to file your issue. We will help to look for your username information and send it to you via email. If there may be any additional information needed, we may conat you via email for more information.
  • Do I need to verify my identity to recover my account?
    Yes. After submitting your request online with us, we may require proof of identity for the account or email, or password that you are trying to recover. We will not qualify a member for recovery of any information if he/she are not the official account holders.
  • What does the image or text menu display?
    Here we will help you to understand the icons displayed when the image or text box is highlighted. Please note that this secondary menu only shows up when a image or text is selected. If you do not see this menu, that means that the object or text selected was not properly selected. URL or web address link; This allows your text or image to be linked to a specified web address of your choosing. Make sure to enter the URL correctly and check the spelling of the web address, as this can sometimes lead other members to error pages. Image or text settings; View this section for more image or text options. Replace your image; This option allows you to replace an uploaded image with a different image. Trash can or delete option; This option will help you to delete the image selected.
  • How can I post a ad or forum in Play Forum?
    You can easily post an ad or forum in 5 simple steps. Follow these steps as indicated below. Tap the 'Select Category' icon; Choose a category where you would like your post shown; Create a title for your post; Add description to your post' Then tap the 'Publish' icon. For step 5, please be sure to add a title or description in order to see the 'Publish' icon highlighted.
  • How to understand the image and text setting features?
    We will briefly show you and help you to understand the inmage and text additional features. Add Captions to your image. Caption definition - a title or brief explanation appended to an article, illustration, cartoon, or poster. Example: "he designed a series of posters with the caption: “No One is Innocent”" Alternative (Alt) text. Include alternative text to help describe the scene or settings within your image; 'Click To Expand'. This option gives you the ability to expand or resize your image; 'Allow Download'. This option allows other members to download your content. You can deselect this option if you wish to not allow other members to download your content or media files.; 'Mark As Spoiler'. This option gives you the ability to hide an image inside your post. Making it blurred until a member select the 'Eye' icon to view it.
  • How can I link a web address to my image?
    You can now link a web address or URL to an image by tapping or clicking the image that you've already successfully uploaded in the add description area. Tap or click inside the add description area; Add an image; Tap or click the image that you added; Notice how the image options menu pops up, then select the link icon; Add your URL's or web address inside the text box; Tap or click the 'Section' tab; Tap the arrow icon to select the 'Image' section; Then lick or tap 'Save'; When saved correctly, your image will redirect other members to the URL or web address entered.
  • Can I set my image or video as a spoiler?
    Yes you can. This feature can give you the ability to somewhat hide your content from other members until they tap or click the image to view the content. This feature helps you to make it a spoiler. To do this, simply tap on any image that you want as a spoiler. Then select the settings option. Make sure the image or content that you want to make as a spoiler is highlighted first. Select the settings icon; Scroll down to 'Mark As Spoiler', Tgeb tap or click the toggle icon to turn the option on; Click or tap 'Save' and view the content or image file set as spoiler. This option can be toffled 'On' and 'Off' at anytime.
  • How can I add an image in Play Forum?
    To add an image, be sure to select the 'Create New Post' option. For mbile and tablet devices: For desktop and lab tops:
  • My post was deleted..
    If you find your post deleted, it may have been in violation of our terms, policies, etc.
  • How can I add video to Play Forum?
    To add a video in Play Forum, follow these steps as showin below: Create a new ost' Locate the video icon next to the camera icon; Click or tap the video icon in order to upload video files.
  • How can I download your app?
    You can now find us on Spaces By Wix app by following these steps. Go to your 'Members Home' page or 'Contact' page. Scroll down to 'Download App' button, then click or tap the button; Tap or click 'Download The App' button as you will be redirected to the Google Play Store orApply Store; Install Spaces: Follow Businesses application on your device; When finished installing, click or tap 'Open'; You will be redirected to 'Erotic Night's In' business page, click or tap the 'Join' button; Sign in with your Erotic Night's In account email; Click or tap the Erotic Night's In section; Welcome to Erotic Night's In Spaces By Wix application. Feel free to netowrk, post, and share your community with other social media platforms.
  • What to do if my prici9ng plan expires?
    If your pricing plan expires, you can easily purchase a new plan. It is important to understand that an expired plan cannot be renewed.
  • Can I cancel my pricing plan?
    Yes. You may cancel your pricing plan at any given time, either to stop reoccurring transactions or ongoing subscriptions with us.
  • Do you provide pricing plans??
    Yes. We may provide pricing plans to qualified members to become either a Play Member Plus or a Play Star model. These plans may include monthly subscriptions that are set to reoccurring payments. Some payments may not require monthly subscriptions but rather one time payments. When a pricing plan is visible or available, it will be displayed within our Play Community in order to view them.
  • Can I upgrade my pricing plan?
    Yes. You may upgrade your pricing plan at any time while your pricing plan is active. It is important to note that some members may not be qualified to upgrade their pricing plans if they were previously or currently in violation of our terms, policies, rules, etc. For inactive accounts with canceled plans, you may need to purchase a new pricing plan in order to obtain a valid membership to receive paid access.
  • I was threatened to be reported by a member.
    If you were threatened to be reported by any member, feel free to file a report with us by Clicking Here. These actions are not tolerated whatsoever.
  • Can my account be deleted?
    Yes. Your account along with your data may be deleted at any time without reason, whether or not if you are in violation of our services, terms, etc.
  • Can I report a violation?
    You may report a member of any violation or misconduct at any time. Be careful, as making false reports can lead to immediate termination of your account without warning.
  • I was reported for a violation.
    If you were reported for a violation whether it be by us or by other members, it simply means that we or the other member believe that there has been a violation committed by you. This action may lead to immediate termination of your account. Usually this happens without warning.
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