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1. Use Of Online Account: We make it a requirement for all online and offline members ('User') of Erotic Night's In to create their very own 'User' friendly profiles bearing information of their choice, that includes: images, music, phone numbers, emails, financial data, marks, etc, except content that is prohibited by this Privacy Policy, and others set within our website.  It is the duty and responsibility of each online and offline member ('User') to manage their own 'User' profiles and accounts, and to keep their information, such as; Personal, confidential, reserved, and private information private to avoid suspicious and fraudulent activities. Erotic Night's In, will not share, sell, or reveal this stored information, (not including displayed information by each 'User'), to others. Each online and offline 'User' can update, cancel, or terminate their accounts at any given time. Displayed information will prompt each member ('User') whether such information being stored, will be displayed on the website for others to see, or not.


2. Play Restrictions: It is mandatory for all online and offline members ('User') of Erotic Night's In to abide by these guidelines to help avoid harm or injury to/from others. Erotic Night's In strongly prohibits all unlawful activities, such as: Violence alike, sexual harassment, sexual abuse in any nature, stalking alike, misuse of drugs, false information alike, explicit content that displays violence, threats, child pornography, human trafficking, fraud, identity theft, etc at all times. These actions will not be accepted nor tolerated at any given time and may result in immediate cancellation or termination of your online and offline account with us. without the chance to dispute such claim

3. Playing It Safe: As a online and offline member ('User') of Erotic Night's In, including, but not limited to, it's services whether online or offline, it is a requirement to keep sensitive information or personal information to yourself. We strongly advise each online or offline member ('User') to adhere to the instructions, rules, and regulations when prompted to avoid injury in any nature. Take extreme precaution when engaging or participating in any service provided by Erotic Night's In, for we are not responsible in any way for other members ('User') or offline encounters, and communications. Help us to help you!


For online and offline sexual practices, we strongly encourage and advise each member ('User') that he/she complies with Erotic Night's In requirements to help avoid or lower the risk of sexual transmitted diseases alike.

4. Chance Of Participation: As a valid online and offline member ('User') of Erotic Night's In, including, but limited to, it's services, each online and offline member ('User') may be given chances to participate in activities offline. Such activities, that includes events, may not be displayed on the website, but however are sent out by invitation via email. 

5. Limitations Of Offline Invitations: It is strongly noted that not every member ('User') of Erotic Night's In, including it's services, may be able to participate in this offline feature. Invitations are sometimes usually sent out at random, but in small numbers. Some offline activities may at random be displayed in the Play Community for new participants ('User') to enter by accessing our 'Play News' section.

6. Right Of Termination Of Online And Offline Accounts: Erotic Night's In, including it's authorized staff has the right to remove, cancel, or terminate any online and/or offline account, or services at any time, if we feel, or determine that such 'User' account violates our Privacy Policy  prohibited by law.

 7. V.I.P Play Passes, Play Pal Passes And Uses: What are V.I.P Play Passes? This type of pass grants each new online and offline member ('User') free one time access to experience Erotic Night's In offline services. What is a 'Play Pal' pass? This type of pass, grants online and offline members ('User') to bring a volunteer with him/her to experience Erotic Night's In services, for each occasion granted by Erotic Night's In.


Each pass that is generated by Erotic Night's In, are subject to Erotic Night's In policies and restrictions that are stated herein, and mentioned in our Terms Of Use. The aforementioned passes are restricted from accessing other accounts, such as; Businesses accounts, ATM's, identification purposes alike, badges, etc. These passes are only accessed when offline activities are displays on our website, available for online members ('User') to purchase. These passes expires immediately after the displayed offline activity is over.

Updates and changes of our Privacy Policy, terms, conditions, ordinances, rules, and others, may be made at any given time. 

Safety And Security

To better help ensure the safety and security of Erotic Night's In and it's online and offline members ('User') privacy rights, it is the right of each online and offline member ('User') to choose what information to upload or update, or to disclose such information to be made public to their standards. All information will be kept confidential.

Sexual Orientation And/Or Sexual Status: For the safety, security, and void of violating Erotic Night's In, including it's online and offline members ('User' ) rights, and staffs rights, it is highly mandatory that each online or offline member ('User') fully understand that by creating an online or offline account with us, he/she applying will be categorized as 'Male' (M') or 'Female' ('F') as for their sexual status or 'Sex' status.


We expect that each online or offline member ('User') to be in their natural sexual sex state, possessing the full anatomy of a man and woman from birth. Any other sexual orientation may not be accepted upon the information submitted, or applying for.

Restricted Access: Erotic Night's In, for gender roles and classification purposes, has the natural right to restrict access to all visitors (e.g. Guests, members') at any given time without notification or warning, including restricted access to all visitors (e.g. Guests, members') who fails to identify himself/herself as the listed 'male' ('M') or 'female' ('F'), being in his/her full capacity from natural birth. 

Restricted access may be applied for all visitors (e.g. Guests, members') who fails to verify his/her identity, as well, to those who fails to pass a background check, as stated within this Privacy Policy at any given time.

Restricted access means, a prohibited action; a denied action to participate within services that includes features, events, memberships, etc. 

Each visitor (e.g. Guest, member, whether online or offline') will be restricted access for any reason at any given time, that includes: Violation of our Privacy Policy; Legal Terms And Copyrights; Reported Complaints; false information; Fake profiles ('e.g. Catfish; Reposted profiles, Screenshotting; etc').

Shared Media Content: For each online or offline member ('User') participating in Erotic Night's In online services or offline services, it is important to understand that, disturbing images, or graphic videos, or any form of media content containing violence alike, that member's ('User') account whether online or offline account will be terminated immediately without warning or notification of any kind. Prohibited content may at times be reported. Each registrant ('User') must understand that content shared to, or from other registrants ('User'), Erotic Night's In is not responsible for. Each action taken by the registrant ('User') is done on his/her freewill act.

Upon accessing this website, you hereby agree to adhere to these terms and conditions that is stated within this Privacy Policy. You also agree that his/her action to access this website was done on his/her freewill act and deed, and that such act has waived your 'Rights To Sue' in any nature against Erotic Night's In, included, but not limited to, claims alike.


For the void of perjury, and of filing any civil and/or criminal action against Erotic Night's in and it's members ('User') and staffs, Erotic Night's In has set forth it's law, rule, policy, regulation, and/or order herein for the visitors and participants awareness in Good Faith. All rights are reserved.

It is strongly important to note, that Erotic Night's In and it's Service Provider does not promote nor tolerate nor are engaged into any unlawful activities, included, but not limited to, sex trafficking, sexual abuse, harassment, or violence in any nature.

Backcheck Background Check: For each and every visitor, or guest, or volunteer, or participant seeking to have access to our website and services, are prescreened to gather certain information about them, for background checks. Backcheck Background Check is a service of Erotic Night's In that search for certain restricted information that may include, murder, killings, disturbing acts or violent acts, which would possibly be a problem for others. Background checks are immediately conducted and enforced by it's terms, policies, and others not mentioned herein, for the void of injury, damage, and harming of others.

ID Verify: This service program helps to confirm a guest, or volunteer, or particiapnt, or user's identity and age. Information gathered is stored withing Erotic Night's In cloud service for security.

For more help, visit our 'Help Center' for any additional questions that you may heave, or visit our 'Legal Terms And Copyrights' tab for more legal information.

Disclaimer: Erotic Night's In and it's services were created without the United States, included, but not limited to, jure; united states, United States of America, united states of america alike, and that this website contains graphic images, videos, or content alike, that may not be suitable for children under the age of 18 years old. Be sure to speak with your legal guardian before entering this website and services provided by Erotic Night's In. Erotic Night's In has the following rights, not excluding reserved rights, property rights, and other rights not mentioned herein, to deny its website access and services to any and all visitors and participants regardless of person, nationality, color, jurisdiction, sexual orientation and/or status for the safety and security of Erotic Night's In and it's members and staffs. If any entity of any kind, causes to injure, attempt to conspire, attempt to subject, intimidate, alter, misrepresent, and/or cause to commit any unlawful act Erotic Night's In and it's guests, visitors, vendors, employees, and contractors/third parties will be automatically subject to the penalties mentioned herein: 3 Years in prison; $ 10,000.00 fine' or both. To underage minors, To any and all government agencies and their law enforcement departments alike, upon entering this website, you hereby agree and certify that you are bound by such terms stated herein, whether under color of any law or diversity jurisdiction.  Failure to present legal documentation, included, but not limited to, jurisdiction alike, over Erotic Night's In, and it's members alike, will result as trespass, and subject to the aforementioned penalties mentioned above. All members of Erotic Night's In are private for security purposes. No material or content created by Erotic Night's In shall be used or shared at any given time, in any nature. All rights reserved.

Civil Penalties For Unlawful Acts

Each member, or visitor, or guest, or volunteer, or staff, who attempts or intend, whether inadvertently, to steal, or threaten, or harm, or injure, or damage, or sabotage, or conspire, or scam, or infiltrate against Erotic Night's In and against the rights, and lives of others, not excluding it's guests, members, staff, visitors, volunteers, vendors, etc, may be automatically subject to fines, not less than $500.00 per offense or trespass committed: or spend not less than 3 months or more in jail or prison: or both. For the purpose of understanding, an offense and trespass, is hereby defined as any right violated by others, or any right deprived by others, or any right that is threatened by others alike. These acts are strictly prohibited at all times, and will not be accepted in any nature. It is within Erotic Night's In best interest, to ensure safety to its's visitors, members, staff, vendors, service providers, etc. All rights are reserved.

Registration Approval

It is by law that each visitor ('e.g. Guest, member') of Erotic Night's In provide the necessary information required for registration approval, and for online use.Verification Of Information Needed     To help avoid fraud, false information, or any other unlawful activities, certain information is collected for security purposes, such as:- A valid State Driver's License or a State Identification card with the appropriate entity matching the identity on the State Driver's License or State Identification card.- A valid picture of yourself holding the State Driver's License or State Identification card, to confirm the age and appropriate entity registering to become an online member of Erotic Night's In.Once information is submitted, each guest may or may not receive confirmation that such information submitted was granted or approved automatically. Erotic Night's In does not promote unlawful activities of any kind, for each request for information made, is to help avoid identity theft fraud alike. Your personal identity shall not be sold, conveyed, delivered, or given to other entities without the sole individual's and/or person's consent. These conditions must be met as an online and/or offline user of Erotic Night's In, and it's services. No other action is needed. All information is hereby recorded for security purposes.Screenshotting


Restrictions If you are reported screenshotting online content, or offline content any given time, that is extremely sensitive or considered to be sensitive to our Erotic Night's In visitors (e.g. Guests, members, users'), multiple times, your online account will be investigated, and may lead to terminated or cancellation of your online account immediately. It is strongly to know and understand the privacy rights of online users of Erotic Night's In. We advise each online user to use the download feature options for content use.Registration/Verification


Denial: Your online and/or offline account may be cancelled or terminated or denied for any reason, without your acknowledgement or consent alike.Examples are provided below:- If you are underage or a minor under the age of 18- If you provide false information, impersonations, or commit any form of fraud.- If you are a registered sex offender or non - registered sex offender.- For harassment,- Reposting member's content without his/her permission,- Screenshotting,- False reporting,- Identity theft, or identity fraud,- Gender classification that violates our Gender Roles and others, etc.Any gender classification expressed in any manner, will violate this privacy policy, and will result in automatic cancellation and termination of online and/or offline account. Erotic Night's In does not express nor exercise 'Hate' in any way, nor does Erotic Night's In, support discrimination, but however, Erotic Night's In, has the right to exercise it's goals, mission, beliefs, policy or regulations alike without the aid nor consent of any entity of any kind, or person of any nature. It is by right, and by law, to prohibit certain classes of groups for the void of causing injuries to others within those rights. All actions openly expressed or exercised by Erotic Night's In, is done in Good Faith, and with Good Faith efforts.These forms of registrations, included, but not limited to, groups of individuals, or persons, or living beings that are classified as any of the above groups, will not be accepted at any given time or day.It is important to add, that all registrants approved online for online access, or offline access, will be required to send verification of his/her identity, for 'Verified' status. It is advisable to provide the necessary information requested, to avoid automatic termination of account, as well as to improving the identity and verified status of the visitor or registrant joining as an online or offline member. Erotic Night's In strongly focuses on it's foundation and  motto, to which, Playing It Safe in all matters. It is by law, and by natural right, to prohibit and/or forbid the denied above groups from accessing Erotic Night's in. Any from of right exercised by Erotic Night's In, included, but not limited to, CEO, Staff, President, or Founder, shall constitute trespass and is punishable by law. With open support to the Federal Laws, and Common Law of the country, it is the right of any living being to prohibit such classes of people to avoid injuries in any nature.For security, this website is being monitored by Erotic Night's In and it's Service Providers. Any reported claims are reviewed upon the nature of the claim filed.VERIFIED ACCOUNTSFor each verification registrant approved for verification of his/her identity, will receive a 'VERIFIED ACCOUNT' badge to verify that he/she have submitted the requirements option to obtain a 'VERIFIED ACCOUNT' badge.All verification of  his/her identity are reviewed based upon the information submitted to Erotic Night's in, through the Verification Form submission. Approved status can take up to 7 to 10 business days for a 'VERIFIED ACCOUNT' badge. It is highly recommendable to keep checking on his/her personal profiles cards periodically. It will appear below his/her username. A blue check mark will appear along with 'VERIFIED ACCOUNT' will be visible for all members to see.

Payment Transaction

Refunds For Play Store

To qualify for a refund for any item or product purchased from our online store, we require evidence to be proven that either the item or product purchased was: Broken, damaged, defective, or incorrect size sent via email only. Memberships purchased are not elifible for a refund.

Subscription Renewals

For each subscription, upon purchase of any item, plan, goods, or services, reoccurring payment transactions are automatically set by default until cancelled by each customer. Easily cancel your subscription via phone, email, or online. 

Subscriptions are renewed starting from the date purchased by the customer. 

Booking Refunds And Deposit Refunds

No refunds shall be issued upon any purchase of a booking, whether online or offline. Booking deposits are not eligible for refund, whatsoever. Booking deposits are set in place for security purposes only. It is advisable to reach out to the member or user before making or purchasing a booking first, to help avoid future complications and their issues.

Data Collection

In order to obtain the service from Erotic Night's In, including it's third party Service Providers, biometric data, and  personal data may be needed and collected for security reasons, such as: Personal information, Driver's License, Identification Cards, Passport Identification, Full Name, Address, Date Of Birth, Age, Phone Numbers, images, etc.

As to helping to protect your personal data, and it's information, we have created and added an additional  private security network 'IPRO', in which helps to store your personal data without the hacking, or intrusion of other unwanted spammers or unwanted entities. With 'IPRO' installed, along with our enhanced 'ISEE' monitoring system, we make sure that your personal data, stays protected and secured at all times. 

'IPRO' security network, along with our 'ISEE' monitoring system, helps to boost the prevention of data breaches, and is working around the clock, 24/7 daily. 


With this online consent, you hereby express your online agreement that  Erotic Night's In will receive and manage your personal data, including your biometric data, gained from remote identification of your personal identity by taking and/or filming live image of your face, your person's identity or the document used to identify it and/or their image and the personal data contained in them and/or check in the population registry: image of your face, name, surname, nationality, gender, personal code, date of birth, numbers of the document that is being used, date of issue and validity, your electronic signature and the transfer of such data to the aforementioned security network, and monitoring system.


You also note that you are informed that the controller of your personal data, including your biometric data, specified in this consent, Erotic Night's In, and it's security network and monitoring system, will process your personal data only until the remote identification procedure is over and the results will be transferred to Erotic Night's In, including, it's security network and monitoring system.


You also declare that you are informed and agree that your personal data obtained for remote identification and its purposes may be stored by Erotic Night's In for longer periods of time than it takes for the identification to be completed or transmission of its results to the Service Provider, but only at the request of Erotic Night's In contractual obligation to the Service Provider, but not longer than it is defined in the Contract that was signed between Erotic Night's In and Service Provider or requested by the Service Provider.


You are informed, that you can submit request regarding your personal data for more detailed information at Hereby you declare and confirm, that all the personal data you will provide for remote identification of my personal identity purpose, are correct and accurate, and the document, which you will use for this purpose is not false and valid.

For the sole purpose of this agreement, personal data, and other forms of data given by you and to Erotic Night's In, will not be sold, exchanged, conveyed, released, or granted unto no other entities of any kind. In compliance with the law for the safety of your data collected, certain data may be released from time to time, upon your written, and/or verbal consent, to higher government officials with the delegated authority to access the data given. With data granted to the government officials, it may help to increase cbersecurity to better help protect your online rights, and stored data.

Any and all data, and their information provided by each user, is stored for security reasons. No information and their data shall be made transferrable at any give time. It is the right of Erotic Night's In to store any and all data granted or submitted by the user, to access our services. 


Upon registration submission, each signature given shall be in compliance as an contractual agreement to adhere by Erotic Night's In rules, regulations, or policy that is set herein. 

 order to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of Erotic Night's In services and operations that require or request signatures to indicate approvals or acknowledgements, Erotic Night's In may accept electronic signatures to replace previously required handwritten original signatures on paper documents.

To the fullest extent permitted by law, Erotic Night's In accepts electronic signatures as legally binding and equivalent to handwritten signatures to signify agreement or approval. This policy establishes the process for designating transactions that can legally accept electronic signatures and how Erotic Night's In and it's Service Provider will accept and verify electronic signatures. Where nonrepudiation of the authenticity of a particular signature is required, a digital signature, may be required.

Failure to sign electronically, may result in automatic rejection and/or termination of online account. It is mandatory that to understand the laws that help govern the rights of Erotic Night's In, and it's services. Once electronic signature is accepted, it shall be entered as an agreement as it would be on paper between two parties or more.

With your submitted electronic signature, you hereby waive all rights to sue Erotic Night's In and it's Servie Porvider(s) in any nature, whether civil, and/or criminal.

Gender Classification

As stated in the above 'Registration Approval' category under section Registration/Verification Denial, any group of individuals, or persons having or possessing the prohibited named classes are not given online access. This action shall not be in any way, be defined as discrimination or having discriminatory relations alike, for it is a right that is rightfully and lawfully exercised under the law. 

The rights mentioned herein, are not cause harm, nor injury to any person, individual, or living being in any nature. 

Erotic Night's In, openly accepts certain persons, individuals, or living beings in his/her full natural capacity.  For the law strongly supports the actions that is exercised herein.

Waiver Form

The form herein known as the, 'Member Sign Up' form, and 'Sign In With Social Links' action button shall constitute as a 'Waiver' ('Waiver Of Rights') form to sue in any nature, to participate in any and all services, and that by your electronic signature submitted, you confirm that you are at least 18 years of age, and upon such submission, you fully understand the Privacy Policy, including the Terms And Conditions, Legal Terms And Copyrights, etc, stated within Erotic Night's in, and that you enter voluntary on your own freewill act and deed basis.  This said 'Waiver', shall be used as physical evidence for any reason. By joining as an online and offline member, you hereby agree to waive your rights to sue in any nature.

For legal reasons, it is within Erotic Night's In's best interest to protect it's guests, volunteers, members, or registrants rights to exercise sexual freedom within our online and offline community. 

Erotic Night's In, does not take any full responsibility, for any reason at any given time, for our visitor's ('Guests, members') voluntary actions taken at any given time, whatsoever, within our services alike.

Return Policy

We may accept the following returns of products or items purchased from our online store if:

  • Purchased within 30 days from the actual purchase date;

  • Defective, destroyed, damaged, or incorrect size;

To be qualified for reimbursement, we require all users to send us proof including any actual photos or videos to help verify your submission via email for review. Please confirm with our online department before sending the product back to us. 

Reimbursement time window is between 7 - 14 business days depending on your financial institution.

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1. Онлайн тіркелгіні пайдалану : Біз Erotic Night's In-тің барлық онлайн және офлайн мүшелеріне («Пайдаланушы») өздерінің таңдауы бойынша ақпараты бар жеке «Пайдаланушы» профильдерін жасауды талап етеміз, оның ішінде: суреттер, музыка, телефон. осы Құпиялық саясатымен тыйым салынған мазмұнды қоспағанда, сандар, электрондық пошталар, қаржылық деректер, белгілер және т.б.  Әрбір онлайн және желіден тыс мүшенің ("Пайдаланушы") "Пайдаланушы" профильдері мен тіркелгілерін басқару және олардың ақпаратын сақтау міндеті, мысалы; Күдікті және алаяқтық әрекеттерді болдырмау үшін жеке және/немесе жеке ақпарат құпия. Эротикалық түн бұл сақталған ақпаратты (әр «Пайдаланушы» көрсеткен ақпаратты қоспағанда) басқалармен бөліспейді, сатпайды немесе ашпайды. Әрбір онлайн және офлайн «Пайдаланушы» кез келген уақытта есептік жазбаларын жаңарта алады, бас тарта алады немесе тоқтата алады. Көрсетілген ақпарат әрбір мүшеден («Пайдаланушы») мұндай ақпарат сақталатынын, басқалар көруі үшін веб-сайтта көрсетілетінін немесе көрсетілмейтінін сұрайды.


2. Ойнауға шектеулер: Эротикалық түннің барлық онлайн және офлайн мүшелері ("Пайдаланушы") басқаларға зиян келтірмеу немесе жарақат алмау үшін осы нұсқауларды орындауы міндетті. Erotic Night's In барлық заңсыз әрекеттерге үзілді-кесілді тыйым салады, мысалы: зорлық-зомбылық, жыныстық қудалау, кез келген сипаттағы сексуалдық зорлық-зомбылық, аңдыу, есірткіні теріс пайдалану, жалған ақпарат сияқты, зорлық-зомбылық, қорқытулар, балалар порнографиясы, адам саудасы, алаяқтық. , жеке басын ұрлау және т.б. Бұл әрекеттер кез келген уақытта қабылданбайды және рұқсат етілмейді және біздегі онлайн және офлайн тіркелгіңізді дереу жоюға немесе тоқтатуға әкелуі мүмкін. мұндай талапқа дау айту мүмкіндігінсіз

3. Қауіпсіз ойнау: Erotic Night's In онлайн және офлайн мүшесі («Пайдаланушы») ретінде, оның ішінде онлайн немесе офлайн қызметтерін қоса, бірақ олармен шектелмей, құпия ақпаратты немесе жеке ақпаратты өзіңізге сақтау талабы болып табылады. Біз әрбір онлайн немесе офлайн мүшеге («Пайдаланушы») кез келген сипаттағы жарақаттарды болдырмау үшін нұсқауларды, ережелерді және ережелерді ұстануға кеңес береміз. Erotic Night's In ұсынатын кез келген қызметке қатысу немесе оған қатысу кезінде аса сақтық шараларын сақтаңыз, өйткені біз басқа мүшелер («Пайдаланушы») немесе желіден тыс кездесулер мен байланыстар үшін ешбір жолмен жауапты емеспіз. Сізге көмектесуге көмектесіңіз!


Желідегі және желіден тыс жыныстық тәжірибелер үшін біз әрбір мүшені («Пайдаланушы») жыныстық жолмен берілетін ауруларды болдырмауға немесе азайтуға көмектесу үшін оның эротикалық түннің талаптарын орындауын қатаң түрде қолдаймыз және кеңес береміз.

4. Қатысу мүмкіндігі: Erotic Night's In қызметінің жарамды онлайн және офлайн мүшесі («Пайдаланушы»), соның ішінде, бірақ олармен шектелген қызметтері ретінде әрбір онлайн және офлайн мүшесіне («Пайдаланушы») іс-шараларға қатысу мүмкіндігі берілуі мүмкін. желіден тыс. Оқиғаларды қамтитын мұндай әрекеттер веб-сайтта көрсетілмеуі мүмкін, бірақ электрондық пошта арқылы шақыру арқылы жіберіледі.  

5. Офлайн шақырулардың шектеулері:  Erotic Night's In қызметінің әрбір мүшесі («Пайдаланушы»), оның ішінде оның қызметтері де осы офлайн мүмкіндікке қатыса алмайтыны анық. Шақырулар кейде кездейсоқ жіберіледі, бірақ аз мөлшерде. Кейбір офлайн әрекеттерді Play қауымдастығында жаңа қатысушылардың («Пайдаланушы») «Play жаңалықтары» бөліміне кіру арқылы кездейсоқ көрсетуі мүмкін.

6. Онлайн және офлайн тіркелгілерді тоқтату құқығы: Erotic Night's In, соның ішінде оның уәкілетті қызметкерлері кез келген уақытта кез келген уақытта кез келген онлайн және/немесе офлайн тіркелгіні немесе қызметтерді жоюға, жоюға немесе тоқтатуға құқылы. мұндай «Пайдаланушы» тіркелгісі Құпиялық саясатымызды бұзады  заңмен тыйым салынған.

  7. VIP Play билеттері, Play Pal билеттері және пайдаланулары:  VIP Play билеттері дегеніміз не? Бұл рұқсат түрі әрбір жаңа онлайн және офлайн мүшеге («Пайдаланушы») «Erotic Night's In» офлайн қызметтерін көру үшін бір рет тегін қолжетімділікті береді. «Play Pal» билеті дегеніміз не? Бұл рұқсат түрі онлайн және офлайн мүшелерге («Пайдаланушы») өзімен бірге Erotic Night's In қызметтерін көрсету үшін еріктіні алып келуге мүмкіндік береді, әр жағдай үшін Erotic Night's In.


Erotic Night's In арқылы жасалған әрбір рұқсат осы құжатта айтылған және біздің Пайдалану шарттарында айтылған Эротикалық түннің саясаты мен шектеулеріне бағынады. Жоғарыда аталған рұқсаттарға басқа тіркелгілерге кіруге тыйым салынады, мысалы; Кәсіпорын тіркелгілері, банкоматтар, сәйкестендіру мақсаттары, танымбелгілер, т.б.. Бұл рұқсаттамаларға желіден тыс әрекеттер біздің веб-сайтта көрсетілгенде ғана қолжетімді, оларды онлайн мүшелер ("Пайдаланушы") сатып ала алады. Бұл рұқсаттардың мерзімі көрсетілген офлайн әрекет аяқталғаннан кейін дереу аяқталады.

Өз құқығын білу

Сіздің келесі құқықтарыңыз бар:

- Erotic Nights In және/немесе жоғары органдарға заңсыз әрекеттер туралы хабарлау

- Онлайн тіркелгіңізді тоқтату, жою немесе тоқтату үшін.

- Заң көмегіне жүгіну.

- Қосар алдында дәрігеріңізбен кеңесіңіз.

- Erotic Night's In аясында шектеулермен жыныстық еркіндікті пайдалану, бұл осы құжатта белгіленген шарттар мен талаптарды бұзбайды.

- Erotic Night's In-ге қосылу туралы серіктесіңізбен, заңды өкілімен немесе отбасы мүшесімен кеңесу

- Медиа мазмұнды, жеке ақпаратты немесе деректерді басқалармен бөліспеу.

- Erotic Night's In онлайн қызметтерімен немесе офлайн қызметтерімен айналыспау.

- өз адамдарында, үйлерінде, құжаттарында және заңсыз әрекеттерден қорғану.

- Осы құжатта айтылмаған белгілі бір құқықтарға ие болу халық сақтайтын басқаларды жоққа шығару немесе кемсіту деп түсіндірілмеуі керек.

- Басқаларға қол сұғусыз және/немесе басқаларға зиян келтірместен өмірден, шынайы еркіндіктен ләззат алу.

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