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Outcall Service Program

For Women


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Welcome to Erotic Night's In Outcall Service Program For Women --- E-Pass Program. Here, women can book and receive personal and discreet services for their comfort and sexual needs from a professional Play Star staff member. Receive your free E-Pass badge to start booking. Free to apply.

We are currently providing services to participants within the areas and cities of Suffolk County Massachusetts.


ENI Qualifications Outcall AD_edited.jpg

To qualify for an Outcall Play E-Pass, please follow these steps:

1. You must reside or be in the areas and cities of Suffolk County Massachusetts;

2.. Possess a 'VERIFICATION ACCOUNT' badge, you  can apply for a badge by Clicking Here;

3. Must be a woman participant;

4. Must have your account and profile set to 'Public', learn how by Clicking Here;

5. Fill out the form below.

Play Services

ENI Play Servicee Outcall AD.png

Book and schedule various play sessions to keep you sexually entertained and deeply satisfied. These play sessions consist of two different types: Stimulation and Recovery. Whether you are seeking all-natural treatment, we got you covered! 

Sessions are now starting as low as $45 per session. We provide the best techniques on hand and use organic products for all of your treatment needs. With our stimulation sessions, you can now receive the release you desire. We look forward in giving you the relief and best experience possible. For questions about our services for women, please feel free to contact us via email for a faster response.

Play Marketing

ENI P Marketing AD Larger.png

As being a valued and dedicated E-Pass member, we are very happy to involve members to participate in our special projects for marketing purposes. These projects may include:

  • Sponsorships

  • Portfolios

  • E-magazines, and more.


Our play marketing program is full of exciting opportunities and gift rewards for you to earn with us. We believe that your commitment deserves to be rewarded.

Member E-Pass

ENI Outcall epass ad.png

Our E-Pass memberships comes in two different plans: Basic and Premium. Each membership comes with an official E-Pass for entry at no cost.

Basic E-Pass include:

  • - $25 booking fee;

  • - $25 cancellation fee;

  • - No monthly subscription, book when ready;

Premium E-Pass include:

  • - $0 Booking fee;

  • - $0 cancellation fee;

  • - $ 4.99 monthly subscription, cancel anytime;

E-Pass Benefits

ENI Epass Benbefits Larger AD.png

All E-Pass membership holders are eligible for free Transportaion where we come to you free of charge. Your E-Pass Membership may come with the following benefits as described below:


Basic E-Pass Member Benefits:

  • Book discreetly;

  • No transportation cost;

  • Receive an official -E-Pass badge for full access;

  • Scam and fraud protection;

  • Book when ready;

Premium E-Pass Member Benefits:

  • Book discreetly

  • 10% off applied for each booked session; 

  • No transportation cost;

  • Receive an official E-Pass badge for full access;

  • Added identity protection;

  • Scam and fraud protection;

  • Book when ready;

Apply Below

E-Pass Member Application

Learn about how to sign by visiting our Help Center.

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